Organizational Info


THAI is a non-profit, nonpartisan network of students, practitioners, teachers and schools involved in traditional Thai healing arts. Instructors, practitioners and institutions who reside in Thailand are granted free membership in THAI.


Application for membership

Basic Members must register online for free, or by paying an optional donation. All other members are accepted upon completion of an application and payment of a one-time registration fee.  Thailand-based schools are welcome if they are owned and operated by Thai nationals, and if the majority of courses are taught by Thai citizens.


Council Members

The Executive Council works together on development and outreach issues and other matters. Advisory Council Members give feedback to the Executive Council.


Thai Healing Alliance Goals & Objectives

With respect and gratitude to the Thai people and Thai culture, and to further the understanding and practice of traditional Thai healing arts throughout the world, THAI is a non-profit organization of students, practitioners and teachers of traditional Thai healing arts. These disciplines include nuad boran (known in various forms as traditional Thai Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Yoga Therapy, jap sen, etc.)  THAI also recognizes Thai herbal traditions (Thai herbal compresses, Thai Ayurveda, Thai spa therapies), and related Thai folk healing arts.


The goals and objectives of the Alliance are as follows:


a) To help bring about a heightened awareness of traditional healing arts steeped in ancient traditions of Thailand which are distinct from other therapies such as Chinese medicine, Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Western medicine and Western massage, etc.


b) To spread news and relevant information about traditional Thai message and Thai healing arts throughout the world


c) To serve as a platform for networking and communication for members, and outreach to the extended international community


d) To propose and promote guidelines and standards of study and practice for therapists and teachers of Thai healing arts throughout the world


e) To support those around the world who aspire to serious study and who practice and study within ethical and professional guidelines

THAI Code of Ethics

All members of THAI agree to abide by and uphold the following code of ethics.



I agree to keep my practice current by seeing clients regularly, practicing, and pursuing studies through continuing education and ongoing study with a variety of teachers and colleagues. I agree to not perform Thai sessions if I have fallen out of practice for an extended period of time.



I agree to respect the privacy and the confidentiality of any and all clients from now into the future. I agree to not disclose to a third party any personal information a client or teacher confidentially shares with me.



I agree to charge a fair price for an excellent service, and to set fees for my services that reflect my experience and expertise.



I agree to not coerce or manipulate clients or students of another practitioner or teacher to receive my services. I will not publicly defame another practitioner, student, teacher or school, or act in a disrespectful, unethical or inappropriate manner to a client, student, practitioner or teacher. I will support other Thai massage therapists and cooperate with other health professionals for the benefit of my clients.



I will not boast about my knowledge and expertise. I agree to market myself honestly, and only within the parameters of my knowledge and abilities, and to represent myself only at the level of practice and experience I have attained.



I agree to continue to refine my skills as a practitioner by taking courses and workshops, doing research, and engaging in work and study with other practitioners. I understand and acknowledge that my practice is a life-long pursuit of knowledge.



I agree to uphold a high standard of professional ethics with clients, teachers and other therapists, and to avoid any behavior that would tarnish the reputation of traditional Thai healing arts. This includes refraining from any sexual activity  in combination with traditional Thai massage, and refraining from giving or receiving Thai massage when either party is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating substance.



I agree to not formally teach Thai massage to any person unless I am an experienced teacher and practitioner. I also agree to make clear to my clients and students that the practice of Thai massage is subject to all local laws and ordinances. I agree to provide a safe environment for clients and students of Thai massage, and to respect the physical, emotional and sexual boundaries of those with whom I am in contact. Furthermore, I agree to practice Thai massage only in appropriate places.



I agree to maintain a spiritual approach to my professional healing practice, and to continually work through my practice for the betterment of myself, my clients and mankind.


code of ethics and bylaws last amended 10 April, 2015


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