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Overview of the THAI Archives – online library


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The THAI Archives contain a large online library of information on traditional Thai massage and Thai healing arts.  Many hundreds of items are available, including articles and research papers, historical and cultural information, Thailand travel tips, and Thai massage study and practice information. Here are the main categories:


Helpful Information

Here you will find study and practice information, information about Thailand schools, teachers, programs of study, and Thailand travel information. Categories include:  Client Management Tools; Guidelines & Tools for Practice; Thailand Study Information; and Thailand travel Information.


Narratives, Essays & Articles

This category contains over 200 articles on practice and study of traditional Thai massage.  Subcategories include: About Thai Massage; Biographies & Obituaries; Interviews; Living Traditions Newsletters; Magazine & Newspaper Articles; Other Traditional Healing Systems; and Spirituality & Thai Healing.


Research & Other Information

Here you will find more serious research articles and academic papers on past and current practice of traditional Thai therapies and Thai medicine. There are several hundred entries in six main categories: Buddhism; Jivaka Komarabhaccha; Social, Spiritual & Ethical Issues; Thai Herbs & Herbal Healing; Traditional Thai Massage; and Traditional Thai Medicine.


Thailand Information

This category contains an interesting selection of articles on Thai Culture, Customs & Traditions; Thai Spiritual Beliefs; and Thai language.





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