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The THAI Archives contain the world’s largest online library of information on traditional Thai massage and Thai healing arts. Hundreds of items are available, including research, historical and cultural information, Thailand travel tips, and study and practice information.



Member Area: Main Page

From the main page, you can make changes to your member profile (Your Member Profile); you can view the details of study and practice of all THAI members (View Member Directory); and download THAI logos for your professional use (THAI Logos).   You may view the Upcoming Workshops list (View Upcoming Courses) and this is where THAI Teachers and Schools may post their workshops to the list (Post a Course to the List). Finally, this page contains the entrance to the THAI Archives, the largest digital library of information about Thai massage & Thai healing arts (Browse the THAI Archives).


Official THAI Information

Official THAI forms for downloading and submission, sample intake forms and logs, and tools of the trade. In this category, you can expect to find information such as the following: client information forms, therapy session notes, Thai language information, Member Upgrade Application, Approved Curriculum Guidelines for THAI teachers, how to keep logs of your clients, etc.

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Helpful Information

Suggested study and practice information, information about Thailand programs of study, and other relevant items. Here’s partial list of items in this category:  Chiang Mai and the Old Medicine Hospital lineage, essays on Theravada Buddhism, How to protect the Thai therapist’s energy system, Studying with Pichet Boonthumme, a list of government-approved schools in Thailand, face techniques in traditional Thai massage, background on the Wat Pho Royal temple, and more….

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Narratives & Member Submissions

Here you will find stories and accounts submitted by THAI members relating to study and practice around the world, travel in Thailand, and other interesting  information. All members of THAI are encouraged to submit their writings. Sample entries feature information on Thai Spiritual Healing, Thai shamanic healing, charitable projects in Thailand, study experiences with various teachers, and more.

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Historical Information

Listed here are many articles about Jivaka Kumarbhacca, and his life, study, work and interactions with his patients, including the Buddha. There are also translations of the famous Jivaka Sutta from the ancient Pali Canon, tales of the Buddha, and other interesting historical  items.

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Interviews & Biographies

Interviews with well-known people in the world of Thai massage, biographies and special features. This area also includes obituaries of important figures in traditional Thai massage. Some of the people featured are Mama Lek Chaiya (Nerve Touch Massage School), Ajahn Sintorn (Old Medicine Hospital), interviews and features on Asokananda (Sunshine Network), Chaiyuth Priyasith, ITM and Sunshine Massage School.

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Research & Other Items of Interest

Here you will find more serious research articles and academic papers on past and current practice of traditional Thai therapies and Thai medicine. Topics  include spiritual beliefs and traditional Thai healing, the background and revival of traditional Thai herbal traditions,  traditional Thai medicine, and much more.

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Commercial Articles

A selection of basic articles on traditional Thai massage that have appeared in magazines and newspapers in recent years. Entries are from The Washington Post, Massage & Bodywork Magazine, Massage Therapy Journal, Newsweek, Fit Yoga Magazine, Time Magazine, US News & World Report, etc.

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