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December 2017

Fieldwork: Applied Thai Massage

December 25 - December 29 | 10,000 Bath
Sunshine Massage School, Kaew Nawarat, soi 4
Chiang Mai, Thailand

This massage course bridges the gap between student and practitioner
This course allows the student to start to use his or her acquired skills in a practical environment.
The sequence taught in the beginner’s course is effective for working on healthy young people for relaxation, but most clients come for massage because of pain.
During this course, you will learn how to make clear judgments of pace, structure, which energy lines to emphasise and which stretches are required. Learn how to alleviate pain during the massage, see how you can change restricted movement of a joint, and assist in lightening emotional issues. Learn to start to diagnose problems by observing body language. You will also learn some protection techniques so that you can maintain your own healthy energy body.


Number of Hours
Instructor Bio


PHONE: 6653262574

EMAIL: info@sunshine-massage-school.com

WEBSITE: http://www.sunshine-advanced-courses.com/fieldwork_applied_thai_massage.html

January 2018

Bali Health and Healing Retreat

January 8, 2018 - January 19, 2018 | 1695
Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage, P. O. Box 2326
Nevada City, CA 95959 United States

12 days. HEALTH AND HEALING RETREAT in Bali, Indonesia
* A time for personal transformation
*Yoga and meditation every morning and evening
*Visit and receive treatments at beautiful (yet affordable) spas EVERY DAY
*Eat healthy organic meals everyday
*Sight See and Tour Sacred places

This is a beautiful opportunity to take time for yourself, to focus on nurturing yourself and to create time for personal transformation. We will be staying in four different retreat settings that are tranquil and beautiful, all have a yoga or meditation studio. I will be bringing you to my favourite spas, a different one each day where you can receive massage, have a flower petal bath, exotic scrubs among many other treatments for a fraction of the cost that you are used to in the West and in incredibly decadent settings, aaaahhhh. We will go to wonderful organic restaurants with lotus gardens, art galleries and International cuisine. Cost is $1695 plus flight (from SFO $800)


Number of Hours
Janice Gagnon
Instructor Bio
Janice Gagnon, founder of Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage has been teaching since 1997 and is recognized as an Advanced Instructor in Northern Style and Jap-Sen "Nerve Touch" Herbal Thai Massage. Spirit Winds School provides a 275 Hour Program.

CONTACT: Janice Gagnon

PHONE: 530-263-3181

EMAIL: janice@spiritwinds.net

WEBSITE: http://www.spiritwinds.net

Abdominal Massage ; long course

January 12, 2018 - January 20, 2018 | $2250
Tumbo de las Olas, Matapalo
Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

The majority of physical and emotional imbalances and congestion are stored in the abdomen, yet ironically, abdominal massage has become virtually a lost art and science. All energy lines pass through the abdomen, and this area becomes a ‘dumping ground’ for stagnant energy. This is perhaps one of the most profound forms of bodywork. In addition to addressing physical ailments associated with the internal organs, this work is proven to have incredible healing effects throughout the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.
This is a full week of exploring abdominal massage techniques, abdominal anatomy & physiology, self-care techniques, yoga, qi gong, breathwork, and more… Cost includes 7 days of training, 42 ncbtmb ce-hours,30 THAI ce-hours; 8 nights lodging & food, and local transportation.


Number of Hours
Christopher Ray
Instructor Bio
Christopher has been practicing bodywork since 1995. He has studied with many teachers in Thailand, and has developed a unique style of 3-4-hour sessions using long compressions and the breath. He began teaching Thai Massage 11 years ago.

CONTACT: Christopher Ray

PHONE: 9063626066

EMAIL: chrisray1111@gmail.com

WEBSITE: http://thaimassagebodywork.com/course/thai-abdominal-massage-chi-nei-tsang/

April 2018

Thai Massage Gathering/Jam 2018

April 27, 2018 - April 30, 2018 | 300.00
ITM-USA, PO Box 246
Marmora, NJ 08223 United States

We are excited to offer this gathering again to our NJ/PA/mid-Atlantic/east coast community. Mark the dates, reserve your spot, and join us.

Take advantage of this year’s SUPER EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT, just $300 for ALL FOUR DAYS until NOVEMBER 1st, $450 regular price.

Unique workshops with five great teachers (Pierce Salguero, Sudevi Linda Kramer, Gregory Oed, Al Turner II, Rose J. Griscom)…and maybe more.
Attend interactive lectures on thai medicine and history, daily Reusi Dat Ton (the thai hermit’s yoga techniques of movement and breath), share bodywork, learn about herbal treatments, explore client/student/teacher/business communication ideas, eat a thai meal together, and come away renewed and refreshed with new skills to share with your clients.
Play/share/trade/connect with other therapists -teacher-led hands-on demonstrations and practices
Space is limited! We are keeping it small, no more than 30 people, so register early to hold your spot.
Preliminary Schedule, April 27 – 30, 2018: FRIDAY 11:00am-6pm, SATURDAY 9am-6pm, SUNDAY 9am-9:30pm, MONDAY 9am-2pm.


Number of Hours
host: Rose J. Griscom
Instructor Bio
see ITM-USA information

CONTACT: Rose J. Griscom

PHONE: 6098397880

EMAIL: rose@thai-massage.org

WEBSITE: https://www.thai-massage.org/special-events/