Directors, Advisors and Sponsors

    Executive Council

Bob Haddad has been studying traditional Thai massage in Thailand and elsewhere since 1999. He has studied with many teachers around the world, and he has been strongly influenced by Ajahn Pichest Boonthumme, (Mama) Lek Chaiya and Asokananda. Bob founded Thai Healing Alliance in 2005, and he teaches courses around the world.
Cristina Muñoz Gándara is an attorney and a yoga teacher. She began studying Thai massage in 2002, and has studied at ITM, with Lek Chaiya, Bob Haddad, and Jack Chaiya. She organizes Thai practice sessions in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and directs Vandana Thai, a social networking organization for Thai massage and yoga.
Jo Jensen was first introduced to nuad boran in 2004, during her training to become a massage therapist. She studied with Lyrea Crawford and later traveled to Thailand to study at Loi Kroh and Sunshine Massage School. Since then, she has continued her studies with Bob Haddad, Noam Tyroler and Nephyr Jacobsen.
Mark Wisdom is a yoga teacher and exercise physiologist who began studying Thai massage in 2010. He has studied with Bob Haddad, Janice Gagnon and Nephyr Jacobsen, and in Thailand with Jack Chaiya, Sichai Sukparset and at Loi Kroh School. Mark owns and operates Integrative Bodywork in Longview, Texas.
THAI thanks and acknowledges all previous volunteers and THAI Council members including, Janice Gagnon, Keith Wagner, Jennifer Barnett, Tracy Wells, Paul Fowler, Karen Ufer, Kath Rutland, Hillary Hilliard, Margaret Harstad, Joel Sheposh, Danko Lara Radic, Martin Misenheimer, Al Turner, II, Pierce Salguero, D’vorah Swarzman, James Peckham.


Advisory Members

Over the years, several people have served as Advisors to Thai Healing Alliance. Foremost among them are Richard Gold (author, acupuncturist and Thai massage educator, USA); Max Scheuermeier (Director of Sunshine Massage School, Thailand); and Coocky Tassanee (Founder of Loi Kroh Massage School, Thailand).
THAI thanks and acknowledges other advisors including Allan Phillips and Asokananda Harald Brust.


Emerald level:  2020: Cristina Muñoz Gándara; Bob Haddad; Lotus level:  2020: Gregory Oed, Sally Legg; Allison Russell; José Antonio Rubio Marco; Richard Gold; Brandon Rutten, Glenn Greff, Mark Wisdom, Stewart Hay
Previous Sponsors: 2019: Emerald: Keith Wagner, Cristina Muñoz Gándara, Mark Wisdom, Bob Haddad, Tanya Boigenzahn, James Peckham  2019 Lotus: Glenn Greff, Richard Giba, Michael Buck, Mary Jane Calvert,  Michael Buchschatz, Giorgios Alexandris, Margaret Harstad, Phillip Behrns, Suthida Swanson, Paloma Glasser,  2018:  Glenn Greff, Richard Giba, Phana Wichaiwong, Richard Gold, Michael Buchschatz, Elyse Briggs, Phyllis Wolf, John Loft, Ramduan Dusolt, Jerrie Lee Parpart, Naa-Dodoa Ankrah, Michael Gonzalez, Samak Suiseeya


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