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September 2017

Thai Massage: Sen Line Theory and Therapy

September 5 - September 9 | 650us$
Bodymind Thai Massage, Newington

On this 5 day course we discover each of the ten sen, where they are in the body and what areas they address. By feeling along the energy channels we can easily find the blocks and release them. Blocks can be found on one whole side of the body or one body part or just on just one spot on the line. With this knowledge we can uncover the root cause of the issue, rather than trying to treat a symptom, and so, can give extremely effective treatment with long term relief. This is a great course for people who are stuck in a system of treatment and want to be able to work specifically, diagnostically and have every asana be effective. In this way we can give a half hour treatment that addresses all the problems and does not waste our clients precious time or over work them. We will be learning specific therapy for the obvious issues clients present with, neck and shoulder pain, lower back and sciatic issues, carpel tunnel syndrome


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FelicityJoy is a senior teacher of the Sunshine network for 16 years and practitioner for 28, and living in Chiang Mai for over 10 years and researched throughout Thailand how different masters manipulate sen to rebalance the body stimulating healing

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