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St Micheals Retreat

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Farm Grid Road 724, Lumsden
Regina, Saskatchewan SOG3CO Canada

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August 2017

Thai Massage: Primary Course

August 4 - August 10 | $925
St Micheals Retreat, Farm Grid Road 724, Lumsden
Regina, Saskatchewan SOG3CO Canada

This is my 28th year as a Thai Massage Therapist and Teacher and as i enter my 5th seven year cycle I am traditionally allowed to train apprentices. First 7 to practice your skill, second 7 to develop you style and start therapy, third 7 to teach what your teachers taught you, forth 7 teaching your style and variations, fifth taking apprentices to train in the healing techniques you have discovered.
Therefore I am launching the Primary Course in Canada the way I was initially taught, starting with Sen line theory so you can understand energy and start to manipulate it. We then study asana and why we apply each one, what it achieves and the way to apply it for your particular body type and the clients issue. We will be looking at the different ways energy can be moved using oils, balms, compresses, stretches, tox sen, gru sha, and other Thai healing modalities


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FelicityJoy is a Naturopath, Iridologist, senior teacher in the Sunshine Network and a world-renown practitioner. She is apprentice and therapist to Khun Ni, and lives in Chiang Mai except when sharing her knowledge thoughout the world to therapists

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