Prepare A Teacher Application

To submit an application for Teacher, you must first download and complete the Instructor application on your computer. You must also scan all of your study certificates into a single, multi-page file, and have it ready for submission. Follow the directions below to prepare your materials.


Download & Prepare your Application  To download an application to your computer, follow the directions on this page:  Download Instructor Application Now


IMPORTANT:  If you are not sure that all of your study hours are valid for membership, please download the study assessment form, and send it by email to THAI will help you determine your eligibility. Click here: THAI study checklist


After you have downloaded your application, save it on your computer or on a storage device. Now download the application directions as a separate file, and save them also on your computer, or print them out for easy reference. Teacher/School application directions are available at this link:  Download Application Directions Now


Use the step-by-step directions as a guide, and enter all required information on the application form. Take as long as you like to complete the application, but remember to save the form regularly as you work. After you complete the application, review it carefully to make sure you have entered information in all the required fields, and that you have entered your name in the required places.  Save the application once again, and store it safely until you are ready for uploading.


Combine your Certificates into a Single File  After your application is finished, you must now prepare your study certificates into a single file. All certificates and transcripts must be loaded onto one file, and pdf files work best for this purpose. You may use a scanner to create the pdf file, or use one of several pdf converters that are available online for free.  You can also take photos of your certificates with your phone or camera, and then upload each photo to a pdf converter, which will combine them into a single pdf file.


You can combine the files using Adobe Acrobat. If you don’t have it, here are links to free and easy-to-use pdf combiners. After the converter creates your pdf, save the combined pdf to your computer for the next step. Ready to combine your documents? Click one of the following inks:  Combine your Documents into a Single PDF File or Combine them here.



Upload & Submit your Application  When you have completed your application, and you have your all your study certificates in a multi-page pdf document, now you are ready to upload and submit your documents. When your have your application and certificate documents ready,  go to this page, and follow the directions to upload them:  Click Here to Upload your Documents