Endorsements from therapists, teachers and the press

…The skills of the (Thai massage) practitioner…determine the safety of the practice, and those skills depend largely on training. “Many practitioners claim to be certified, although there is no standard of certification in this country for Thai massage,” says Bob Haddad, founder of Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI).  THAI recognizes practitioners and instructors who have completed documented training and additional hands-on practice by approved schools and instructors. TIME Magazine

Traditional Thai massage is considered one of the fastest growing healing modalities in the world. But there is no bona fide certification process that is legally acknowledged and administered anywhere outside of Thailand. Enter Thai Healing Alliance International. THAI, a nonprofit organization based on voluntary participation, offers membership in various levels, with corresponding study and practice requirements. Member benefits include a membership certificate, the title of RTT (Registered Thai Therapist), an e-newsletter, research and study opportunities, and a client and student referral service. Massage & Bodywork Magazine

I think you have laid a good foundation for an organization with serious standards for Thai massage. I wish you and the people involved with THAI all the best.Asokananda, Thai massage teacher and author

…A combination of assisted yoga, massage, and acupressure, Thai massage originated in Thailand (many) years ago… The key, as with any massage, is to find a reputable (therapist)…A local spa could make recommendations. Or send an e-mail from  www.thaihealingalliance.com for referrals. – U.S. News & World Report

I totally support the idea of Nuad Boran and all of traditional Thai medicine having its own international identity. – Richard Gold, teacher and author


Testimonials from members

In my country there is no regulation or official recognition of Thai massage. Now my study, and eventually my teaching, can be acknowledged by an international organization. – J.M., Thai practitioner, France

THAI is a very necessary move towards uniting, educating and providing accessibility to the Thai healing community. THAI gives us resources we never had, ways to collaborate with others, and a wealth of information that we may never have otherwise known. – N.B., personal trainer, massage therapist, USA

In some rural areas, finding interested clients is somewhat of a challenge. The THAI network is a bonus for everyone – clients and bodyworkers.– C.D., Thai therapist, Canada


THAI brings us together and makes us stronger, and in the long run spreads knowledge of Thai healing arts to all. – I. K., practitioner, England

THAI’s goal of maintaining the tradition of Thai massage is reason enough (to join). I also wish to expand my knowledge and experience of this amazing gift, as well as maintain my personal practice, and learn and share as much as I can. – C.M., practitioner, Puerto Rico


We need an organization to maintain educational standards and provide the consumer with a reliable source of information about qualified practitioners. By becoming a member, I am making a statement as a practitioner of Thai massage to maintain high standards of training and authenticity in my practice.– A. T., Thai therapist, USA

I support THAI, and I believe in high standards of practice. Many people do not represent the work as it was meant to be practiced. It is important that my students learn from me as they would from masters in Thailand.– E.B., Instructor, USA

My reason for joining Thai healing Alliance is a need for a standard within our growing and popular healing art. It can be difficult to locate a Thai massage practitioner who has been properly trained. THAI connects healers with clients and students with teachers. – C.G., Thai therapist, USA

As a practitioner, I feel it is important to belong to a professional organization that will validate and maintain high standards and install confidence in my clients. THAI is also a good base for networking with fellow members internationally. – JLB, therapist, England



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