About Thai Healing Alliance (THAI)

Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI) is a nonpartisan international network of Thai massage students, therapists and students.THAI promotes basic standards of study and practice of  traditional Thai massage (nuad boran) throughout the world, and offers information about Thai healing arts to its members and to the general public.


THAI is not a regulatory agency. It is a nonpartisan network of students, practitioners and teachers around the world who agree to basic guidelines for safe and effective practice of traditional Thai massage and Thai healing arts. Students, therapists, teachers and schools live and practice in over 70 countries and territories around the world.


When you join THAI, you become recognized by a professional organization that acknowledges and endorses serious students, practitioners and teachers of traditional Thai massage throughout the world. Membership is free for basic members, but if you can, please make a donation to help support the non-profit organization.


The THAI archives contain the world’s largest online library of information on traditional Thai massage, Thai healing arts, and Thai cultural information. Hundreds of items are available including research, historical and cultural information, Thailand travel tips, and course schedules. The archives are available to all members via username and password.



To become recognized as a Registered Thai Therapist (RTT), or a Thai massage Instructor or School, there is a one-time fee to process your materials and to issue your certificate and title of RTT. Once you are an RTT, Instructor or School, yearly donations are gladly accepted, but not required.

As a member of THAI, your contact information is available to the general public on the client referral list, and you may receive discounts on courses and workshops around the world. In addition, the Member Area of the website contains:


  • The world’s largest online archive of valuable articles and research about the history and practice of Thai massage and Thai healing traditions
  • A directory of all members for research and networking
  • News items and information about related products and services
  • Tools for practice, including client health history forms, client logs, helpful hints, and much more…


THAI Membership Levels and Fees

* Basic Member – (Membership is free, or by optional donation)
To become a Basic Member of THAI, you register online, and you must have an e-mail address. The registration process takes only a few minutes. Once you register, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with your user name and password. Basic Membership grants you access to the THAI archives for study and research, and for networking with other members.


* Registered Thai Therapist [RTT] – ($200 one-time registration fee)Minimum requirements are 220 hours of formal hands-on study of traditional Thai massage (Nuad Boran.) Your study must have been completed in traditional style, on a floor mat, addressing the entire body. At least eighteen (18) months (and no more than 4 years) must have elapsed since your first study of traditional Thai massage. Herbal compress therapy, foot massage, reflexology, Thai for the table, Thai yoga (ruesi dat ton) or other hybrid or accessory modalities are acceptable only if they are in excess of the initial 220 hour minimum requirement. Assistant teaching or courses of study that are taken more than once do not qualify. To qualify as RTT Advanced, members must complete 350 hours of formal study and 350 hours of logged sessions.  To become an RTT, members must first join THAI as a Basic Member. Membership is free. To join THAI now as a Basic Member, click here.


RTTs must pursue study with at least two (2) different teachers or schools, one of which must be affiliated with THAI. Members at RTT Advanced level must study with at least three (3) different teachers or schools, one of which must be affiliated with THAI, over a minimum period of three (3) years.  All Registered Thai therapists agree in writing to maintain records of all client sessions, and 10 sample session notes must be included with the application. RTTs are expected to further their studies in Thai massage, Thai medicine, Thai herbal healing or Thai cultural studies by taking continuing education courses. Registered Thai Therapists receive a certificate suitable for framing which confers the title of RTT.


* Instructor ($250 USD one-time registration fee)Minimum requirements are 500 hours of formal study and training of traditional Thai massage and related Thai healing arts. At least some of this study must be completed with instructors and schools within the THAI international network.  No more than 30 of these 500 hours may be based on assistant teaching or apprenticeships. As an Instructor member, you must teach all coursework yourself, and may not use assistant teachers. Instructors and Schools may use their name, the title of RTT, and the THAI logo in conjunction with their marketing and advertising, and may list all workshops they teach on the THAI web site, which is available to the general public.


To become a THAI Instructor or School, the main teacher must already be a member of THAI. To join THAI now as a Basic Member, click here.


Additional requirements:

  • You must have completed a minimum of 500 hours of logged hands-on practice.
  • You must submit Curriculum Guidelines for each course and workshop you wish to be listed with THAI.
  • You must have studied in Thailand at least on one occasion.
  • You must have studied 20 additional hours of combined cultural studies such as Thai herbal medicine, Thai herbal compress therapy, SE Asian or Buddhist studies, Thai language or cooking classes, and other related cultural activities.
  • You must meet all other minimum requirements of RTT Advanced, above. 
  • Your first formal study of Thai massage must have taken place a minimum of three years before you apply as a THAI Instructor.
  • The majority of your study must have taken place not longer than six years prior to applying as a THAI Instructor. If you began your studies before that, you must have done additional documented study in recent times.


* School –  ($300 USD one-time registration fee) To become a School (Institution) member in the THAI network,  the main teacher of the school must fulfill all the requirements for Instructor listed above, and must also adhere to the following guidelines:


  • The school must offer all classes and workshops in a facility that is owned or rented by the main teacher (Instructor). The school must have at least one employee or assistant teacher.
  • Any assistant teachers must also be Registered Thai Therapists in THAI, and must have completed at least 300 hours of formal Thai massage training. Assistant teachers may not teach entire workshops or courses on their own, but in conjunction with, and under supervision of, the lead instructor. Additional conditions may apply.
  • The school must teach only courses and workshops in traditional Thai healing arts. Schools that offer other disciplines may apply as Associate Members of THAI.
  • The school must operate within all local and national legal guidelines, and must be known and promoted as a school, not as an individual teacher.

School members receive priority listings in the THAI directory and referral list, and may use their business name and the personal name of the main instructor in conjunction with their marketing and advertising. All workshops and classes offered by the school may be listed in the directories on the THAI web site, which are available to the general public. Institution (School) members are endorsed as approved educational providers for the general public and for all THAI members as they advance in levels of membership through required courses of study. To maintain status at Institution level, the main instructor is expected to complete ongoing continuing education training in Thai massage / Thai medicine, Thai herbal healing, or Thai cultural studies.


To become a member at the School level, members must first join THAI as a Basic Member. Membership is free. To join THAI now as a Basic Member, click here.


* Associate Member – ($200 USD one-time registration fee)  Individuals or organizations linked to Thai massage, yoga and bodywork who are supportive of THAI’s goals and objectives. These may include herbalists, spas, suppliers, manufacturers, travel agents, retailers, etc. Associate Members are listed in the directory, have access to the THAI Archives.


To become an Associate Member, members must first join THAI as a Basic Member. Membership is free. To join THAI now as a Basic Member, click here.


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