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Be a Sponsor of the Thai Healing Alliance

As a sponsor of THAI, you support the only organization of its kind. You help to dignify and elevate traditional Thai massage throughout the world, and project a unified voice for safe and effective practice of Thai healing arts. Thai Healing Alliance is a non-profit organization, and your contribution may be tax-deductible. Any donation you make is acknowledged upon receipt, and a receipt for tax purposes is sent to you immediately. All THAI workers are volunteers, and no one receives a salary of any kind. Nevertheless, money is needed to support educational programs in Thai healing arts, to distribute printed information around the world, to expand the THAI online archives, and pay website and office expenses. To thank you for your tax-deductible donation, you may choose from a number of special gifts and premiums, and your personal name or business is listed on the THAI letterhead, on the web site, and in THAI e-newsletters. Plus think of all the good karma you will be generating for yourself and others!


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THAI Sponsor levels and benefits

There are four levels of sponsorship, each with corresponding premiums. After receipt of your donation, you will be contacted to ask about your gift choices before they are shipped to you. Prices below are in US dollars, or the equivalent in other currencies.


Bronze Level – $100 USD (or more) Your name is listed in the newsletter and on the THAI web site. You may choose one gift from Group A below.



Saffron Level – $200 USD   Your name is listed in all media; and you choose one gift from Group A and one gift from Group B .



Lotus Level – $300  USD   Your name is listed in all media; and you choose one gift from group A, one from B and one from C.



Emerald Level – $350 USD (or more)   You receive an enhanced name listing in all media; and you may choose any four gifts from all groups.


THAI Premiums – the gifts you receive for being a THAI Sponsor


  • Jivaka and Buddha mouse pad, specially made for THAI members
  • Small metal-framed image of Jivaka, the Buddha, or a Thai reusi – your choice
  • Book: Thai Vegetarian Recipes – Easy recipes of popular Thai dishes, 68 pages, color

     GROUP B

  • Book: Traditional Thai Yoga: Reusi Dat Ton; by David Wells, 54 pages, color
  • Jivaka protection amulet in metal case, with pocket clip
  • Book: Seven Peppercorns: Thai Medical Theory, by Nephyr Jacobsen
  • Small bronze statue of Jivaka or Buddha, with inscriptions, 4 inches high – your choice


  • Book: Essays on Thailand – Informative stories on Thai culture, society and spiritual events
  • Thai silk/pashmina scarf-shawl, large size, rose color with gold and green accents
  • Jivaka protection amulet in beautiful metal case, with a silver-plated chain from Thailand
  • Sample of earth from Jivaka’s garden in Rajgir, India, in a brass container from Thailand
  • Book: Thai Healing Arts: Practice, Culture, Spirituality, by Bob Haddad


After you make a donation, you will be contacted to choose your gifts so they can be shipped to you.


If you have questions about becoming a sponsor please contact THAI.


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